Sofia Vergara’s beauty secrets: everything in moderation

Sofia Vergara shares her beauty secrets, and she’s not afraid to shove her hair in anyone’s face! (Shutterstock)

Sofia Vergara shares her beauty secrets, and she’s not afraid to shove her hair in anyone’s face! (Shutterstock)

Sofia Vergara recently revealed her 3 top beauty secrets: Her seamstress, a clean diet, and coconut oil is what keeps this sexy Latina confident on her image.

Vergara is not a fan of crazy diets; she is a firm believer that can you eat or drink anything you want but in moderation. This was all revealed in an interview with Yahoo!

“I’ve never been into any crazy diets or any crazy exercising, I have never been the last girl at the party, and I never drink a lot,” says Vergara, who will splurge on a glass of wine with dinner. Instead of suffering a pre-show detox, “I try to do the whole year in moderation. I do eat carbs, but I try to eat clean from Monday to Thursday, you know, add a lot of fruits and vegetables and protein. Sweets are the hardest part for me. I try and cut down on the sweets just a little bit the week before an event and work out a little bit more. I don’t have that much time because of work, so I try to make it easy for me.”

She explains the different rules you need to follow when you step out of the house.

“[Latin women] are always kind of sexy and we are always taught you can’t leave the house without lipstick or doing your hair or wearing high heels. I think all those things, believe it or not, can change how women feel about themselves. We all need help, we are all not perfect!”

She also suggests highlighting your best assets.

“If your midriff is not good but you have great cleavage you should find an outfit that shows that,” she says. “You need to play with what you have.” It’s why Vergara depends on her signature hair and makeup look, never veering far from her comfort zone. “I think it is important for women to know what looks good on them,” she says.

But what is the secret behind her silky hair? “In my time off I just put natural coconut oil in my hair. Everyone compliments me [on it], and I am always shoving my hair in people’s faces,” Vergara said.

The Colombian actress confessed that her best friend and her stylist are the ones behind her perfect fitted look.

“A stylist helps me; she brings me the dresses very late! [My] stylist is a “mind reader” when it comes to selecting gowns. Because of my body type, I need to take a little bit more time than other actresses with less curves. My best friend is my seamstress.”

H2OMBRE: A wet experience like no other

H2OMBRE, an enthralling, multi-sensory experience filled with exciting aerial acrobatics. (Courtesy: Adrienne Arsht Center)

H2OMBRE, an enthralling, multi-sensory experience filled with exciting aerial acrobatics. (Courtesy: Adrienne Arsht Center)

If you are looking for an enthralling, fun and wet experience this summer, H2OMBRE is the performance you need to see.

VOXXI talked to one of the creators of the show, Pichon Baldinu, one of the most daring and original directors in Argentina. He is recognized for creating new forms of expression by transforming a show into a theatrical experience.

Using 6,000 gallons of water per show (the water is recycled from each show), state-of-the-art projection screens and monstrous inflatables, H2OMBRE is a multi-sensory experience filled with exciting aerial acrobatics, heart-pumping music and over-the-top visuals.

Q & A with Pichon Baldinu, the director of H2OMBRE

VOXXI: What inspired you to create this show?

Baldinu: In 2008, Ojala Entertainment was tasked with creating a show for 3,000 people to debut at Expo 2008 in Zaragoza, Spain, an international exposition that had the theme of “Water and Sustainable Development.”

We created a 30 minute show utilizing a theater concept, water pump system and rigging system all designed by our team, and audiences loved it.

A few years later, we decided we wanted to expand on the concept and create a new version that takes audiences into the mind and creative process of an Artist, the main character in H2OMBRE.

This allowed us to expand the plot, add more music and scenery, and include even more acrobatics, stunts, and, of course, water.

This is the version of the show known as H2OMBRE that had its world premiere at the Arsht Center on July 18 and will be playing through August 31.

VOXXI: Tell us who is behind and involved in the creation of the show?

Baldinu: The original creators of the show are Gabriella Baldini and myself, Pichón Baldinu, through our company Ojala Entertainment.

The composer Gaby Kerpel developed electronic music especially for H2OMBRE that really highlights each scene and makes a huge impact on the overall experience.

Sergio Trujillo was also involved in the creation of the show, he is known for his acclaimed choreography for Broadway hits including Jersey Boys, Memphis and the Addams Family, lent his talent as choreographer and creative director.

And last but not least, Scott Shiller, executive vice president of the Arsht Center, is also credited as a Special Artistic Advisor for the production, as he played an integral role in helping us develop the version of H2OMBRE.

VOXXI: Talk to VOXXI about the different Latin sounds that the show uses during the performance.

Baldinu: We love to immerse the audience in a “landscape of sounds,” and tried to create a musical repertoire that guides how the audience will experience the show.

I worked closely with composer Gaby Kerpel to develop the music pieces by sharing with him my thoughts on what is happening in each scene.

Due to our long-standing relationship from working together for so many years, Gaby was able to interpret my explanation of the show into a compelling, electronic musical score, which uses Latin sounds and some verses in Spanish throughout.

VOXXI: What does water symbolize in the show?

Baldinu: Water can symbolize so many things, creation, life, and creativity. It’s an amazing element to play with, and we’ve incorporated it into the show, as it’s beautiful to watch what can be done with the water. It’s also a lot of fun for the audience.

In the show, water is the main element that gives the Artist life, but it is also a force to be reckoned with – one that can harm the Artist if he loses control.

The legendary band “WAR” finds new places of inspiration

Members of the band from top left going right and down: Stanley Behrens plays the Harmonica- David Urquidi plays the saxophone and flute- Marcos Reyes is the percussionist, Stuart Ziff is the guitarist, Sal Rodriguez is the Drummer, Lonnie Jordan is the founding member, lead vocalist and plays the keyboard and Franciso “Pancho” Tomaselli – is the Bassist of the band “WAR.”(Courtesy of Rogers & Cowan )

Members of the band from top left going right and down: Stanley Behrens plays the Harmonica- David Urquidi plays the saxophone and flute- Marcos Reyes is the percussionist, Stuart Ziff is the guitarist, Sal Rodriguez is the Drummer, Lonnie Jordan is the founding member, lead vocalist and plays the keyboard and Franciso “Pancho” Tomaselli – is the Bassist of the band “WAR.”(Courtesy of Rogers & Cowan )

Lonnie Jordan, the founding member and lead singer of the legendary band WAR, talked to VOXXI about the random places where the band has found its inspiration, and the upcoming expectations for their new album “Evolutionary.”

How the band WAR started and how everyone came together?

In 1961 we were called The Creators and were teenagers who knew each other from the neighborhood and through school. We evolved and started changing members at about 1968. That’s when we changed our name to WAR.

“Low rider” was a huge success how did you guys came up with this legendary song ?

The song came up by seeing actual Low Riders on the streets. At the time, they were only on the West Coast – from Los Angeles to Albuquerque.

What was the inspiration for “That LA Sunshine”?

My inspiration for the song is as simple as it sounds: ‘I woke up this morning to a beautiful day, pulled back the shades and felt the sun on my face!’ It really is about the beautiful Los Angeles sun.

Can you give a little bit of background about the Latino members in the band?

Sal Rodriguez, the drummer, is from Tijuana, Mexico. Marcos Reyes is our percussionist and he is from Chihuahua, Mexico. Our saxophonist David Urquidi is from Montebello, CA. Bassist Pancho Tomaselli is from Ecuador.

Tell VOXXI about the collaborations with Cheech & Chong, Joe Walsh, and the USC Marching Band?

Cheech & Chong joined us on “That L.A. Sunshine” by writing a comedy skit to incorporate into the song. It was great to reunite with them after they used ‘Low Rider’ in ‘Up In Smoke.’ That was the very first movie to use any of our music! As for Joe Walsh, we have so much respect for him and The Eagles, so it was a natural choice to use him on “Mamacita.” The USC Marching Band is an iconic Los Angeles band,and the song wouldn’t have that L.A. feel without them. Plus, the melody line in the song sounds like a marching band, so it was a great fit.

Do you have a Latin Beat song in this new album?

Yes, we do! It’s “Just Like Us.”

What to expect from the new album “Evolutionary”, especially after 20 years of not releasing a new album.

Our expectation is to release a new album to make sure people know we’re still here and creating new music for our fans. We always want to make and keep our fans happy with new music as well as our old.

The album also includes a re-mastered of their 1976 Platinum certified “Greatest Hits” album and for the first time it will be available digitally.

Mafalda’s creator wins Prince of Asturias Award

Argentine cartoonist Joaquin Salvador Lavado, better known as Quino, who created the famous comic strip Mafalda wins Prince of Asturias Award. (AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills)

Argentine cartoonist Joaquin Salvador Lavado, better known as Quino, who created the famous comic strip Mafalda wins Prince of Asturias Award. (AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills)

The Argentine cartoonist Joaquín Salvador Lavado, better known as Quino, creator of the legendary cartoon “Mafalda,” has been honored today with the 2014 Prince of Asturias Award for Communication and Humanities.

“Marking the 50th anniversary of Mafalda’s birth, the lucid messages of Quino prevail for having combined wisdom and simplicity in a drawing with the depth of his thinking,” Director of the Cervantes Institute and chairman of the jury that granted the Argentine cartoonist the award, Víctor García de la Concha said today.

The first Mafalda cartoon was published on September 29, 1964. Mafalda was a rebellious, smart and sarcastic girl, who was mainly concerned about world peace and human rights, the character hated soup and loved the Beatles.

Mafalda was published from 1964 to 1973. The comic was translated into more than 30 languages.

Mafalda is also recognized as the protagonist for human rights campaigns in Argentina for organizations such as UNICEF.

The Prince of Asturias Awards are intended to reward the scientific, technical, cultural, social and humanitarian work of individuals, institutions, groups or institutions throughout the world.

In communications and humanities, it recognizes those who make an important contribution to universal culture in humanities activities and social media.

J Balvin, the most promising Colombian urban star in the US

Colombian Reggaeton artist, J Balvin. (Credit: Rogers & Cowan)

Colombian Reggaeton artist, J Balvin. (Credit: Rogers & Cowan)

Even though J Balvin is very successful in his native country Colombia and throughout Latin America, he is taking his career to a new level by going on tour with Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull.

“This tour is a dream,” J Balvin told VOXXI,”this is a huge opportunity to reach the Hispanic audience in the U.S. and also to expose my talent to a bigger audience, I’m still in shock.”

Spanish megastar Enrique Iglesias is just as thrilled to be touring with J Balvin, even sharing a “selfie” moment with the young urban singer.

“Guys I’m excited to announce that @JBalvin is coming on tour with @pitbull and I!!!,” Iglesias shared on social media.

His music transcends language barriers

At a very young age Jose Alvaro Osorio Balvín better known as JBalvin became interested in music.

The Colombian artist, originated from Medellin, shared with VOXXI that he started out in a rock band as a guitar player but it wasn’t until he moved to New York and lived in the “big apple” for sometime, that he fell in love with urban music and Hip Hop.

The 29-year-old singer still remembers how he felt when he step on a stage for the first time to perform his music.

” I was very anxious and scared on my first concert… I was eager to see how the audience was going to take it, it was an amazing feeling.”

The rising reggaeton star is always traveling and touring around the world and not long ago he was recognized in Romania as artist of the year in the Zu Music Awards.

“They don’t speak spanish but they feel connected with my music and my videos,” J Balvin said.

In addition, J Balvin confessed that his next big dream will be to conquer the global market and collaborate with different anglo artists such as Drake, Rihanna and Justin Bieber.

His success has been credited for his charismatic personality and hard working attitude but he revealed that the key to all of this is that, “he is just a young artist like no other with big dreams and huge desire to succeed.”

Take a look at J Balvin’s crazy hangover video, “6AM” featuring Farruko, which is currently in the “Top 5 on Billboard’s Latin Airplay Chart.” 

JIVA coffee cubes: The dream of two young entrepreneurs

Natalia Rodriguez founded JIVA, instant Colombian coffee cubes and hot chocolate cubes sweetened with raw cane sugar.(Courtesy photo)

Natalia Rodriguez founded JIVA, instant Colombian coffee cubes and hot chocolate cubes sweetened with raw cane sugar.(Courtesy photo)

With a tight student budget and little spare time in between classes, Natalia Rodriguez founded JIVA Cubes.

Rodriguez, 23, created organic coffee and hot chocolate instant cubes that only need to be mixed with water or milk. JIVA now offers 100 percent Colombian instant coffee and organic coffee– in only 30 seconds.

The company, founded by Rodriguez and her partner Allen Gomberg, takes high-quality Colombian coffee beans, freeze dries them and mixes them with all-natural unrefined cane sugar known in South America as panela. Their secret is that there are no added preservatives in their product.

Rodriguez came up with the idea when her mom returned from a trip to Colombia with small panela cubes that dissolved in water to make “aguapanela,” a traditional and popular Colombian drink made of sugar cane that can be served hot or cold. Rodriguez and Gomberg wanted to make a product that was fully organic and nutritious for everyone as they became more conscious and aware about their eating habits.

Natalia Rodriguez funds JIVA through Kickstarter campaign

Rodriguez and Gomberg confessed that when they started JIVA they didn’t know what they were doing with their Kickstarter campaign, and that the social media and branding world was new to them.

The young entrepreneurs got to experience first hand what it was like to fail and pick up the pieces, work and try harder for their own business in order to produce a better product that people were going to fall in love with.

“We kept on failing, but we never gave up, ” Rodriguez said. They managed to receive more than $82,000 from nearly 3,500 backers for their Kickstarter campaign to get their company started.

The coffee and hot chocolate cubes are currently sold online. The name behind the creation has a strong meaning.

“JIVA is a Hindu word that means life force, spirit, basically it is your essence,”  Rodriguez said.

“We came up with this name because every morning you need coffee to start your routine. We wanted to be the inner force and the fuel for people’s life and because we are a to-go product, we always fuel activity.”

The dream of these two young entrepreneurs seems to be taking off. They  have customers, followers and fans all around the world purchasing their JIVA coffee cubes. Rodriguez and Gomberg want to encourage innovation to the new generation and they want to empower people to create something on their own so that they can be leaders in their own community.

Jose Antonio Vargas defined what it is to be an American at FIU

Time magazine cover.

Time magazine cover.

In front of many Latino students at Florida International University, Jose Antonio Vargas shared his experience about being an undocumented immigrant who came to the U.S. when he was just a kid.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist lives in legal limbo like many young immigrants because his legal situation depends on the Dream Act.

When he was 16, he rode his bike to the D.M.V. office to get his driver’s permit. When Jose handed the clerk his green card as proof of U.S. residency, the clerk looked at the document and said. “This is fake,” she said “Don’t come back here again.”He went back home and he confronted his grandfather asking if the green card was fake and with shame on his face his grandfather confessed that it was. At that moment he learned he was an undocumented immigrant.

VIDEO: Students from FIU (Miami, Florida) spoke to VOXXI on Deferred Action and dreamers

Jose continues to fight for immigration reform talking about Define American, a non-profit organization that seeks to elevate the conversation around immigration and the activist has a new cause to fight for, he is discouraging news outlets everywhere from using the word “illegal immigrant.”

Jose Antonio Vargas has become the most recognized face of Dreamers  since appearing in the Time magazine cover with fellow undocumented immigrants  “WE ARE AMERICANS” in bold, red, capital letters. An asterisk underneath says “Just not legally.”

VOXXI had the opportunity to interview Jose Antonio Vargas at the FIU event.

VOXXI: Define what it is to be an American?

Vargas: Thank you for asking this question, I define American as somebody who calls this country their home, I define American as someone who wants to work hard and contribute to this country.

VOXXI: Why do you support immigration reform?

Vargas: Why do I support immigration reform, I support immigration reform because it actually is not just about immigration you have to be tied to the very nature of how America is changing and you also have to be tied to.When we are talking about immigrant rights we are also talking about citizenship rights and I think it is so interesting that we can probably talk to a lot of undocumented people who proved to American citizenswhat it is like to be an American like work hard, want to contribute, respect other people.

I think undocumented people are actually showing Americans why America is special, why America is great, that’s why I believe in this cause.

VOXXI: What do you think about President Obama and Mitt Romney’s immigration policies?

Vargas: Well I think President Obama’s immigration policies are much more married to reality than Mitt Romney’s. I just kind of tune out when Mitt Romney talks about self deportation, it sounds almost comical. It sounds like you push a little button somewhere and you just get ejected or something. It seems completely unrealistic and I think its incredibly disrespectful to many people. Again, people like me who is not like I’m the only undocumented person in my family. I’m actually the only one everybody else is an American citizen so can you imagine what they think when they hear Mitt Romney says you should self deport what is my grandma going to say, she is American citizen tax paid since I been here in the 1980’s.

VOXXI: What do you think about the future of the dreamers?

Vargas: I am optimistic that immigration reform its going to happen that means that the Dream Act goes first maybe by next year. I think it will, whatever it is I think the dreamers have completely pushed this issue. I mean they are the ones as far as I’m concerned the undocumented youth the people that have been coming out, I was late to the party they been showing up far earlier than me. I just showed up last year unannounced they been doing the hard work for years. They really deserve the credit for what’s happened here the fact that the dream act is completely tied to immigration reform.

The Wat Buddharangsi Temple 30th Anniversary

Wat Buddharangsi temple

The Wat Buddharangsi temple is located in Homestead Florida, on June 24, 2012 the temple will celebrate the 30th anniversary as one of the South Florida most active and well known Buddhist temple. The design of the temple was created by Miami Architect Noppom Poochareon; if you visit the temple you will see an enormous and tall bronze Buddha in the midle of the temple  “the PhraBuddhadhammachinaraj” the sculpture was so big, that they had to place the statute before they installed the roof of the temple.The 23-foot, five-ton gold-leafed image of a Buddha  weighs 5 tons and is 80 inches wide, it is primarily bronze but it also has cooper, brass, gold and silver, one of the most important facts of the Buddha sculpture is that it came from Thailand.

I got the chance to speak to one of the monks in the Wat Buddharangsi temple, his name is Thanee Khonkla,Thanee decided to be a monk and practice the Theravada Buddhism which means the doctrine or tradition of the elders at the age of 20, this practice its dominant in southeast Asia. Thanee was ordained as a buddhist monk on 1992 at Wat Benchamabopitr Dusitvanaram in Bangkok , he received an education back in Thailand and he has a bachelors in Business Administration and Marketing.

Currently they have a summer camp for children from age 6 and up free of charge ; the kids get to learn Thai language; in addition they discover Thai culture and the Theravada Buddhism; they are exposed to music ,dance customs and manners from the thai culture. they also learn the basic teaching of the four noble truths; the truth of suffering (dukkha), The truth of the end of suffering (nirhodha), The truth of the cause of suffering (samudaya), The truth of the path that frees us from suffering (magga); the Theravada Buddhism emphasizes in realism, rather than faith.

Check out the video of the Wat Miami  Buddhist temple

Where To Travel?

Credit: Passport At The Beach by Grant Cochrane


Cocoa Island is located on the Maldives island of Makunufushi in the South Kaafu Atoll, fenced by stunning beaches with clear, pure water and relaxed  luxurious resorts. The Dhoni suites are built right on the water and are accessible through wooden walkways.

 Fun fact: According to Jetsetter Cocoa island is 35,000 square miles of remote Indian Ocean.


  • Bond with Mother Nature
  • The Maldives have a distinct marine life, Dive here is a must.
  • dolphins can be seen
  • Snorkel, kayaking and windsurf boards.
  • Yoga classes at sundown.
  • Walk and get a foot-in-the-sand unique experience

Hungry? Where to eat? : Enjoy the Indian Ocean’s abundance of seafood

Ufaa Restaurant : meaning happy in Maldivian, It offers fusion of Sri Lankan, Indian, and Mediterranean cuisine with an emphasis on fresh seafood and local, organic produce.

For more details visit