Eva Mendes talks about baby Esmeralda and being a slim mother on Ellen

Eva Mendes dishes on why she kept her pregnancy secret. ( Ellen’s Instagram)

Eva Mendes dishes on why she kept her pregnancy secret. ( Ellen’s Instagram)

In her first interview since becoming a mother, Eva Mendes sat down with Ellen Degeneres to discuss baby Esmeralda and pranked the audience by promising to reveal the first photo of the newborn, only to instead show a hilarious mashup of Mendes and Gosling’s faces.

Ellen thanked the new mom for coming out of the house for the first time and putting on a dress, but she also called out Eva for lying about being pregnant on her show back in February, sharing a clip of her denying the rumors.

“It wasn’t really lying because I was so early on and all moms will understand, you’re not supposed to tell anybody during your first… Well certainly not the world… In your first trimester. And my mother didn’t even know yet. So that would have been an awkward phone call. ‘Hey mom did you catch Ellen today?’

Mendes went on to explain why she and Gosling decided to keep the news a secret.
“I think just early on, we decided it’s going to be very hard for her to have privacy. And we thought this is the first opportunity we can give her to protect her and so then I had a nice calm pregnancy, which I did.” Eva said.

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While Mendes’s pregnancy went without a glitch, she revealed that she’s exhausted.
“You know we’re getting the hang of it, the sleeping thing, but yeah I’m exhausted and it’s the best…Really, I’m so incredibly tired. I thought I was tired before at times, but no. Nothing like this, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

However, despite being tired the actress looks slim and gorgeous, which she attributes to breast-feeding.

“I’ve always heard it. It really does help to shrink your uterus back to normal size. It does! I know it’s a really weird thing to say, but it does. It’s the best yeah.” Eva said.

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