Sofia Vergara’s beauty secrets: everything in moderation

Sofia Vergara shares her beauty secrets, and she’s not afraid to shove her hair in anyone’s face! (Shutterstock)

Sofia Vergara shares her beauty secrets, and she’s not afraid to shove her hair in anyone’s face! (Shutterstock)

Sofia Vergara recently revealed her 3 top beauty secrets: Her seamstress, a clean diet, and coconut oil is what keeps this sexy Latina confident on her image.

Vergara is not a fan of crazy diets; she is a firm believer that can you eat or drink anything you want but in moderation. This was all revealed in an interview with Yahoo!

“I’ve never been into any crazy diets or any crazy exercising, I have never been the last girl at the party, and I never drink a lot,” says Vergara, who will splurge on a glass of wine with dinner. Instead of suffering a pre-show detox, “I try to do the whole year in moderation. I do eat carbs, but I try to eat clean from Monday to Thursday, you know, add a lot of fruits and vegetables and protein. Sweets are the hardest part for me. I try and cut down on the sweets just a little bit the week before an event and work out a little bit more. I don’t have that much time because of work, so I try to make it easy for me.”

She explains the different rules you need to follow when you step out of the house.

“[Latin women] are always kind of sexy and we are always taught you can’t leave the house without lipstick or doing your hair or wearing high heels. I think all those things, believe it or not, can change how women feel about themselves. We all need help, we are all not perfect!”

She also suggests highlighting your best assets.

“If your midriff is not good but you have great cleavage you should find an outfit that shows that,” she says. “You need to play with what you have.” It’s why Vergara depends on her signature hair and makeup look, never veering far from her comfort zone. “I think it is important for women to know what looks good on them,” she says.

But what is the secret behind her silky hair? “In my time off I just put natural coconut oil in my hair. Everyone compliments me [on it], and I am always shoving my hair in people’s faces,” Vergara said.

The Colombian actress confessed that her best friend and her stylist are the ones behind her perfect fitted look.

“A stylist helps me; she brings me the dresses very late! [My] stylist is a “mind reader” when it comes to selecting gowns. Because of my body type, I need to take a little bit more time than other actresses with less curves. My best friend is my seamstress.”

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