Mohombi’s next big sonic venture is around the corner

Mohombi talks about his new single “Movin.” (Credit:Nevarez Communications)

Mohombi talks about his new single “Movin.” (Credit:Nevarez Communications)

The Swedish-Congolese singer Mohombi chatted with VOXXI about his new single “Movin” and how he plans to keep you dancing for years to come.

Mohombi first broke out into the international music scene in 2010 with his mega-hit, “Bumpy Ride,” which was produced by award-winning producer, RedOne. The single dominated the charts throughout the U.S. and Europe surpassing over 212 million views on VEVO. There’s no stopping him now.

Q&A with Mohombi

Tell us how you started on your musical career and who influenced your music.

I grew up with Latin Music and I’m still growing with the culture. All the way from Celia Cruz to Pitbull, I have made lots of collaborations with multiple Latin Superstars that will be out soon.

Tell us about “Movin” featuring BirdMan and Caskey.

I believe that Movin is a great way to introduce my upcoming album “Universe.”

Let’s say that “Movin” is a planet full of energy and diversity. I represent AfroPop, Caskey kills it with his Cash Money Rap & the party is hosted by the Soca King Himself Mr KMC. The fact that Birdman himself introduces us in the song speaks for itself.

We saw the video and we were impressed by your dancing skills.

My parents used to have a nightclub when I was a child. Do I need to say more ?

How are you planning to conquer the U.S. audience?

My music is about building bridges and the music Industry is becoming more open to foreign music, realizing that we have more similarities than differences.

I’m just gonna keep doing what I do best: Be myself, and everything is gonna be alright… I’m not coming to the U.S. alone. I’m walking in with a story and millions of followers.

Mohombi promises there will be plenty more for his fans to follow, and plenty of motivation for you to get up and dance.

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